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Zombie Survival Sheet by GameraGX Zombie Survival Sheet by GameraGX
None of these images are mine! I merely compiled everything.
Now to explain, I found the zombie survival sheet 5.0 while stumbling around and decided to fill the form out.

Call Sign: Short-Round.
The call sign is a nickname given to me from a marine
friend of mine.
Battle Cry: Blood and Bones!
Which is what the zombies will be reduced to when
me and my team are done with them.
Location: On the move.
Because it's simply the smartest thing to do when
not gathering supplies.
Last Words: Fuck you! (Grenade explodes).
Cause when I die it's gonna be with a crater the only
thing left of me and my killer.

Clothing & Accessories
Upper Accessory: Tactical Sunglasses.
Because their shatterproof, they strap to your head,
and they keep the sunlight from blinding you.
Headgear: SOHAH Ballistic Helmet.
You never know what might happen, you could fall
from some heights and land on your head or you
may have to headbutt a zombie to death. You just
never know.
Upper Garment: Tactical Vest.
This thing has so many pockets and clip holders that
if you run out of ammo wearing this, you probably
should have ran to begin with; also, it provides some
protection from attacks.
Lower Garment: Military Fatigues.
As with the Tactical Vest, this choice was based on
my belief that pocket space is severely important;
you just don't know what you might need the storage
space for, maybe its ammo you find lying around or
maybe its a first-aid kit.
Lower Accessory: Drop Leg Platform Thigh Gun Holster.
This holster is supremely versatile, not only is it
designed to holster your sidearm but it can be used
to carry knives and other equipment. Also, it has an
internal pocket to carry items in.
Footwear: Forced Entry Side Zip 8 Tactical Boot.
For kicking in doors and kicking in zombie heads.

Primary: Spectre M4.
Collapsible stock, 4 types of ammo (including
9x19mm Parabellum), 850 rounds per minute, and an
82 foot effective range; definitely a must have.
Secondary: Dual Sawed-Off Over and Under Shotguns.
For close range use only, but at close range the
undead are totally screwed. Fires 12 gauge slugs and
shot, two barrels each for a total of four shots.
Melee: Burda.
This wedge shaped, iron wrapped war club was
beastly when the ancient Celts used them; their easy
to use, weighs only six pounds, extensive training
isn't really necessary (poorer Celts used these most)
but you should still train with it, and can easily crush
a human skull.

1: Cloudwalker Hydration Pack.
This is probably the greatest water carrying device
since they discovered you could carry water in a
sealed container. This weighs little more than the
water carried and has a suction and pressure
activated tube to drink hands-free from.
2: Siren 512mb Mp3.
Battery operated, picks up FM radio, has voice
recording, and can use memory cards for music you
can't fit on the Sirens main memory.
3: Survival Emergency Hatchet Multi Tool.
The ultimate survival tool. Consists of a hatchet,
crowbar, hammer, and nail puller; with this the
majority of your problems are solved, especially
breaking into abandoned buildings. Also doubles as a
secondary melee weapon.
4: Hunter C-6 Tactical Flashlight.
Battery operated, charging capable, rear switch, and
small. Other than the dual energy source capabilities
its just like any other flashlight.
5: Batteries.
And lots of them. Another reason why pocket space
is a must in any post-apocalyptic setting.
6: Collapsible Shovel.
Because you never know when you made need it.
Also doubles as a tertiary melee weapon.
7: Wet Wipes.
Because staying clean is essential. Can also be used
as toilet paper.

Vehicle: EarthRoamer XV-LTS.
With a few minor modifications this thing will be like
an RV and an armored car had sex and this is their
lovechild. Plenty of living space for up to 6 people,
has a toilet and shower, battery capacity up to 18.3
kilowatt hours and solar capacity up to 680 watts,
117 gallons of water storage and 13 gallons of 100
degree hot water, effective heating and cooling (has
been used in -25 degree Fahrenheit temperatures),
90 gallon fuel capacity, 8.1 cubic foot stainless
fridge/freezer, 12,000 BTU air conditioner, 3,000 watt
inverter, 125 amp charger and King off-road shocks,
Bose surround sound, HD Satellite TV and ultrathin
32 inch LED HDTVs. Definitely the ultimate vehicle for
"On the Move" zombie apocalypse survivor.

Stronghold: Castle.
Because if they can get past the mote, the
drawbridge, and the gate or over the walls with me
and my group shooting at them the whole time, I
damn well deserve to die.
Sidekick: Henrietta (from Gunslinger Girl).
Because this kid is the biggest bad-ass EVER! In fact,
I'd probably be HER sidekick.
Soundtack: Cry Little Sister - Seasons After
I Stand Alone - Godsmack
Dragula - Rob Zombie
Never Gonna Stop - Rob Zombie
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Plus many more that I couldn't fit on here.
Final Boss: The Tank.
Because I rely on small spaces, dead ends, my brute
strength, and zombies being dumb enough to get too
close, this guy would waste me. Why? Because he
relies on the same things I do, but uses them better.

Things like rope, a knife, ammo, etc, I didn't put on here because I thought they were really obvious.
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M1-Carbine Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
love the list, but would change Cloudwalker Hydration Pack to multiple small canteens.
the whole (all your eggs in one basket) thing.
Bentarb Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
Whats a call sign?
Z32WWZ Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
Basically a nickname
ShatteredMoon96 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
how did you fill this out?
llewis123 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Have you thought of another song by avenged sevenfold-"not ready to die"? Listen to it and tell me it wouldn't be perfect for the soundtract thingy.
mac1997 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011
I'd prefer..... An M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle with a Grenade Launcher, and a Holographic Sight, and has been Pack a Punched in the Pack a Punch machine from Call of Duty Zombies, A Zeus Cannon, a Pack a Punched Desert Eagle, a Pack a Punched Pepperbox Pistol, and two Krauss Refibrillator Knives. Prepare for The CARNAGE..... :plotting:
Hellsing612 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hell yeah! :evillaugh:
mac1997 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
Aye mate :evillaugh:
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